Ср. Ноя 30th, 2022


The appointed hour has arrived. Everyone, who can respond, even to some extent, will find themselves within the influence of My Rays. Only the acceptance of the Rays will provide attraction to the One Focus of Light. Those remaining deaf will respond to the attraction of the forces of darkness, and will be drawn to the realm of darkness.

Over the entire planet the dazzling light of the Dividing Sword will be seen, as it separates those of Light from those of darkness. This is the great time of Judgement, when everyone, as their own judge, carries out the last and final judgement.

And no one will help, and will not be in a position to help to those separated by the Sword into the shadowy realm of darkness. The lightning of the Spirit will flash as if in a thunderstorm, leaving people transformed. The aura of the planet will be transformed, a there will be no place for darkness. Then darkness will lose its power to influence the majority. Defeated by the Light, it will leave the planet and with it all those who remained faithful to it, all the offshoots of darkness, all those who did not accept the Light. There are no words to convey the greatness of the moment of the cosmic celebration of the victory on the planet of Light over darkness.

Thus I speak, the Master of Shambhala, at the threshhold of the Hour of Judgement.

One must accept and believe the idea of the New World now. Later, it may be too late because the fire will bum those who are not in tune with the new energies.

Watching the madness of those who are against the New World, one can already see the influence of the spatial fiery waves on those organisms, which are not able to assimilate them. The reaction of these organisms is in opposition to the Light.

A Judgement is already taking place on the planet, but it is not yet understood. But it will have to be understood, because the influence of the waves will increase, lifting the consciousness of those people, who can accomodate the new waves and elevate them to a new life. Or the influence will destroy those, who will take the consequences of their own madness, Terrible is the Last Judgement.

Nobody can avoid the Judgement of himself. The inevitability of judgement rests on the selfjudgement or self-justification of those who have accepted or rejected the Light, the evolutionary energies. How can one avoid the judgement, if he breathes the air, which is nourished with fire? And the fire, after entering the organism, becomes either creative or destructive, burning everything which does not accord with it.

There are many signs of the new epoch, but people do not want to see them. But they will have to see them and accept them, because one can reject reality only to a certain extent. Even the blind feel the sun. The sun of Life is rising over the world. Nobody can deny the Sun of Life. But one may not accept and may reject it. The Sun will shine over the planet, but there will be no place for those, who have rejected it.

We are at present awakening people to an understanding of the Common Good. Those who have accepted it will live. Those who have rejected it will exclude themselves from the Great Plan. Opposition to the Great Plan can take place up to a certain limit, and this is near. Unprecedented is the time. The great and the small, the Light and the dark, the Hight and the low are competing for victory in this last struggle.

But it is the Light that will be victorious. To all who are with me, I give a guarantee. To all who are against me, I predict — defeat. To be with me means to be with the New World as against the old one, it means to be on the side of Evolution.

Agni Yoga Facets, VI

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